It’s tomato time! Roasted tomato sauce made easy.

The richness of your sauce will depend on the degree of depth you roast your tomatoes, when I made this batch it ended up taking about 6 hours to “roast” three full sheet pans at 275 degrees – the oven was full! But the day before I did one tray at 275 degrees and they were done in 3 hours. So time will depend on how many tomatoes you have in your oven. You can bump the temperature up even as high as 350 but you have to really watch your tomatoes and rotate your pans from front to back and top to bottom. My favorite is when they are dark and fully roasted, sweet and thick sauce will be your reward.


It’s tomato time! Roasted tomato sauce made easy. — 7 Comments

  1. I’m doing this today and seriously cannot believe how easy this is!!! My grandmother taught me how to can the old way…we all know how long & intense that process can be.
    I just cut up tomatoes & put into the oven while a processed freezer corn! Thanks so much for this much simpler way! You’re a Goddess!!!
    Note: Before I put the tomato sauce into the jars, I put in some pressed garlic. Who doesn’t put garlic into everything?!! :)

    • I am so glad you loved this new and improved way to can your tomatoes! Its so easy that one could just keep preserving cause it is so much fun. Ok, I am in complete agreement about the garlic, but I have a friend that is allergic to garlic so I add it when I use them if she isn’t going to eat with us. It kinda keeps it up to me at the time, but if you are going to add garlic every time why not now! Enjoy those tomatoes! Oh, you made me feel like a goddess even if just for a moment, Thank You!

    • Annette, so glad you found my blog! Yes, they are safe they just have to get to the 250 degrees for 10 minutes, still have several from last year and they are perfect. I did have one last week that was discolored on at the top and I did throw that one away. I make sure to use the old fashioned ones from a local farmer that are high acid. So if you buy some fancy new hybrids that are low in acid you may want to to the water bath.

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