What makes you think I can Blog!?

I have no idea what I am even doing here. This was not my idea, I really don’t have any reason to think that I can write, blog or whatever this all is. Mike disagrees, he went through all of the trouble to set up all of whatever it is you have to do to be able to put our (yes our) thoughts out “there”. As if anyone will ever even find this random thing out there in the untold billions, wait there has to be more than billions, I’ll google, hold on. OK, now I’m laughing out loud, I just read that every 60 seconds 60 new blogs are being written. Why am I still typing? Am I possessed? Wait, will this site spell check? I don’t want to look dumb! What is going on? I am in full laughter right now and I don’t even know why! Help, please, no one is listening, wait….this is my first post and I haven’t published it yet, OK that is why no one is stopping me…. BREATHE. I guess I am going to give this a try. Mike has faith in me, that’s why he spent all that time getting this set up, so here I go, and yes there was something that made me sit down and write. I wanted to share a glorious picture of the garden today, it is always alot of work, but Ooohhhh the beauty. Rewards, come from work and maybe I need more people to enjoy the beauty in my world than me. Oh, Is that why I’m here? I need more people than me. I welcome anyone that is interested to enjoy my world with me.



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