Getting ready for preserving all of my favorite things!

imageIt has begun….I’m an addict….or as I prefer calling myself, a squirrel.  I get busy early though, it seems that when the first shoots come up out of the ground I start looking for something to preserve – or dry – or sweeten into a jelly – or jam.  Well this year I have outdone myself!  Proudly I reveal that my first jelly was from the blossoms of the lilac bush out back.  SEE, I must be the first person to get something in a jar this year I happily proclaim! (Addict) I will say tho, I am getting better, it used to be 24 jars of everything but now I can stop at 6 or 7 or 12. Oh, but back to the lilac jelly, it is lovely, light, sweet, exotic and really remarkable with a little goat cheese on a cracker. Divine I would say. But, oh did I tell you too late for you to make your own? He he, sorry. Maybe next year! But until then see if you can come up with your own flower jelly to make all of your friends envious! I found 4 cups of petals boiled in 3 cups of water (strain them out before adding the rest) with 1/4 c of lime juice seemed to be just right with 31/2 cups of sugar and a box of low sugar pectin. You should expect 6 to 7 little tiny jars filled with jeweled jelly. I’d love to hear about your flower jelly! Please preserve responsibly, be sure your flowers are edible and free of insects and sprays of any kind.

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