Sauerkraut Part 2

I had to post this in two sessions because my video was too long, why it took an 8 minute video to show you how to do something this simple is beyond me, but maybe it was all the eating of sauerkraut I did in the video. Oh well, you’ll be making yours and then you’ll see why I had to include the umm’s and ahhh’s. Go. Get. Your. Cabbage. NOW. Oh, and don’t forget the jars. I found mine at the container store, but I’ve seen them pretty much everywhere.


Sauerkraut Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to try this. Who knew it was so simple? Congratulations on your new blog! I’ll be tuning in with great anticipation for the next installment!

    • There are a few tricks that make sure your sauerkraut is awesome, make sure your jar seals well, it “out gasses” but it should never be able to allow air back in. And making sure all the cabbage is down in the brine for the first week is key, that’s why I use the “butt” end to “weight” it under the brine. You will notice after the first week the the cabbage starts to looks “dry”. Almost like the brine is gone, but that is just the vacuum rearranging things, so leave it alone, you really can enjoy after 2 weeks but at four weeks it is fully mature and delicious.

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